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Expressive Writing for Theatre 2,

Ages 13-16

Sundays 1:45 - 2:45

Course Fee: $200 + HST


PLEASE NOTE: This course is 8 weeks long, and runs from October 17 - December 5.

Building on the essential writing tools learned in Expressive Writing for Theatre 1, students will discover how a short story can be expressed through theatrical script writing. We'll work on  understanding the principles of dialogue based storytelling and how to apply these into larger projects. By the end of the semester, each student will have created a 10-minute play that will be read in a private open house. This is a great course for students with a desire to explore the potential of creative writing.

Prerequisite: Expressive Writing for Theatre 1 or equivalent

LOCATION: In-person at 355 Cooper St.


INSTRUCTOR: Chelsey Fawcett

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