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Expressive Writing for Theatre 1,

Ages 12-15

Sundays 12:30 - 1:30

Course Fee: $240 + HST


In this course, students learn new tools for self-expression in order to translate creative ideas onto the stage. We’ll look at big picture writing elements such as the 3-act structure, joke setups, monologues, and dialogues, and then we’ll build these into scene work and learn the essentials of dialogue-based story telling. The course is an opportunity to try different approaches (short scenes, monologues, poetry, short stories) and explore how these relate to performance. This is a great course for students with a desire to delve into the potential of creative writing. There is no public presentation at the end of the semester, as the course is geared to process-driven explorations.

LOCATION: In-person at 355 Cooper St.


INSTRUCTOR: Chelsey Fawcett

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