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Drama classes online? We know it seems crazy but when Covid-19 hit and we all had to go into isolation, the OCT instructors got together to brainstorm how to teach drama online. We ran trial classes, and then a 5-week spring 2020 semester... And the rest is history! After running summer camps in 2020 and after that, almost an entire fall, winter, and spring semester, we are ready to dive into our Summer 2021 Virtual Camps! The OCT instructors have been doing pioneering work in online interactive programming for children since the pandemic hit. We’ve made some huge creative leaps and designed dynamic interactive programs that are not limited by the virtual platform.

We have classes in creative drama, acting, improvisation, musical theatre, as well as writing and designing for stage. Our new programming has all of the qualities that parents have come to expect from Ottawa Children's Theatre –– professionalism, empathy and creativity. We teach skills built on a well-established and respected curriculum.


These interactive classes are reasonably priced, with small class sizes. Any class longer than an hour and a half has an off-screen break designed into the program. During the off-screen break, students will be provided with directions for theatre crafts, including set pieces, props and costume designs. In this way, students will continue to explore their creativity off and online.

We are still teaching skills that last a lifetime. We may be at a distance, but we ensure that we can connect personally with parents and students. 

We’re dedicated to providing the best in drama education. Online.

Check out some of our students' videos

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