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Drama Classes for Children and Youth, Ages 5 - 18


The Ottawa Children’s Theatre is dedicated to theatre that is by, for and about youth. Our mandate comes out of a deep and profound desire to enrich the lives of children and youth through theatre and the performing arts.

Drama classes at The Ottawa Children's Theatre help young people gain self-confidence as they work together in a supportive environment. We're process oriented, and our class sizes are small to ensure maximum attention on each student.

Our instructors are theatre professionals with many years of experience as actors, directors and teachers. Our young acting students receive extensive training in many areas of drama, including voice and movement; improvisation and instinctive response; acting techniques; and character development. We place a strong emphasis on language arts and literacy, body awareness and creative thinking, and on working together with the ensemble.

Our classes for young children are filled with creative problem solving. There is a focus on developing vocabulary and increasing verbal skills while exploring empathetic thinking through group work.


Older children and youth learn nuances of working within the ensemble to express complex ideas in new and unique ways. Our classes teach specific and important skills in the “Actor’s Tool Box” – developing voice, movement and creative thinking. The classes are great confidence builders for students of all ages.


The Ottawa Children's Theatre is the area representative for Trinity College, London, and our students have been recognized internationally for their achievements.

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