Looking for a fun activity to do with your class?


Want to get your group thinking outside the box and working together in new ways?


Interested in adding some drama to a specific unit you might be covering? 

The Ottawa Children's Theatre offers workshops for students of all ages in drama, improvisation, storytelling, theatre creation, and more.  We are happy to work with you to tailor a workshop or course to meet the needs of your group. We'd love to chat with you and find something creative that works for your group! We tailor specific workshops for your needs.

The Ottawa Children's Theatre is delighted to be a MASC artist, offering workshops in schools.

Through MASC we offer the following online workshops in schools:



Updated information about 2021/2022 Workshops

available in September


Acting Skills    

In this online workshop, students discover the tools in an actor's Tool Box: voice, body and mind. Students will work with their Tool Box through drama games that explore how we communicate thoughts and feelings. Working with poetry helps student expand their language skills and bring original characters to life. (Grades 4-12)

Acting Up    

In this online workshop, children learn how language, music, movement and visual arts all work together to express ideas. Students will use their voices and bodies to tell stories through drama. It's a highly creative and fun class that helps develop confidence and empathy.  (Grades 1 - 3)

Say “Yes” to Improv!    

In this online course, students will dive into the creative spontaneity of Improvisation. A great skill for anyone to develop, improvisation teaches how to take risks and try new things in a supportive environment. Students will create scenes and original characters through theatrical play and outrageous fun!  (Grades 4-12)

Play! Sing!    

In this online workshop, students will use their voices, bodies and imaginations to explore concepts of drama. We will sing, read and imagine together. This workshop will allow students to create in a supportive environment, with lots of empathy and fun! (Grades JK-SK)

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