Looking for a fun activity to do with your class?


Want to get your group thinking outside the box and working together in new ways?


Interested in adding some drama to a specific unit you might be covering? 

The Ottawa Children's Theatre offers workshops for students of all ages in drama, improvisation, storytelling, theatre creation, and more.  We are happy to work with you to tailor a workshop or course to meet the needs of your group. We'd love to chat with you and find something creative that works for your group! We tailor specific workshops for your needs.

NEW THIS YEAR! The Ottawa Children's Theatre is delighted to be a MASC artist, offering workshops in schools. Through MASC we offer the following workshops in schools:

2019/2020                      Workshops


A Muse of Fire: Exploring Shakespearean Words and Characters    

Students will discover some of Shakespeare’s timeless stories and exciting characters. They will unlock his playful and beautiful language, speak and act with confidence, and immerse themselves in a range of different characters. Younger grades will explore characters through sonnets, while older grades will work with short scenes and monologues. (Grades 3-12)

Theatre Clowns    

In Theatre Clowns students will communicate thoughts and emotions through physical expression. They will create their own special clown characters and learn to relate to other clowns by using their bodies, not their voices. Older grades will learn about clown archetypes such as the Fool, the Jester, and the Trickster, and use these to explore meaningful interactions, scenes and stories. (K-Grade 12)

Say “Yes” to Improv!    

This workshop is an introduction to the craft and creativity of Improvisation. Through improv, students build language skills, respond to ideas and make spontaneous choices. The first rule of improv is to say YES, so the workshop is a positive way of building a supportive environment for creativity. (Grades 3-12)

Drama Weavers    

For children on the Autism Spectrum and with specialized learning needs. Every child benefits from an arts experience. Sensory materials and dramatic play, create enriching opportunities for children with specialized learning needs. We explore creativity, balancing movement and individual expression with collaboration. The result is a workshop that is inventive, inspiring and fun for everyone. (JK-Grade 6)

For school bookings, please contact                      at 613-725-9119 or visit www.masconline.ca

For private workshops, please contact us at admin@ottawachildrenstheatre.net


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