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The Ottawa Children’s Theatre was founded by former Artistic Director Amanda Lewis in 2013. The school is dedicated to theatre education that is by, for and about youth. In 2022, Nick Miller took over the reins as Artistic Director and is excited to take OCT on the next stage of its adventure.

The Ottawa Children's Theatre brings together a community of some of Ottawa's finest actors, directors, theatre artists and drama teachers, all of whom are dedicated to helping young people learn specific theatre skills.  Our team of instructors are devoted to the crafts of acting, music and teaching. Beyond the learning that occurs in our studio spaces at Carleton University Dominion Chalmers Centre, our instructors have directed and taught acting and musical theatre to children, youth and adults in theatres and schools throughout Ontario, Canada, and around the world.   Our instructors' educational backgrounds are as varied as the many classes we offer at OCT . All have trained as actors, with specialized backgrounds in movement, voice, musical theatre, improvisation, clown and language arts.


We pride ourselves and work every year to create a drama space that is inclusive and ensemble-based, and we believe wholeheartedly in the benefits of learning through theatre. 

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