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Custom Shakespeare

Ages 13-16


Sundays 2:45 - 4:45


September 17/18 - November 26/27 (10 classes)

* No classes October 8/9

Course Fee: $375 + HST


Most Shakespeare productions, even the seemingly straight-forward ones, are adapted in some way. Sometimes they're cut down for time, or to accommodate a smaller cast, or to highlight a theme. Collaboratively, students will work towards building a better understanding of Shakespeare's stories by editing the text for clarity and to best suit the cast, all while still maintaining the rhythms, intentions and richness of the source material. This course is especially designed for students with previous experience who are ready to explore why Shakespeare's work remains popular, and how to bring these well known stories to life in exciting and dynamic ways. We'll begin by approaching a script as directors, and use what's learned to inform our performances.

Prerequisite: A minimum of two classes at The Ottawa Children’s Theatre, or equivalent


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