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Guidelines for Virtual Classes &

Setting Up Your Home Studio


Please discuss all of this with your child before they attend class.

  • If possible, ensure that your child’s first name ONLY is on your screen. The name can be easily changed before the class. Please let us know if you need information about how to do this.

  • Please discuss appropriate in-class behaviour with your child. In particular, your child must agree:

    • To maintain a respectful and kind attitude to the instructor and all students.

    • Not to enable distracting or inappropriate backgrounds.

    • Not to use the Share Screen function

    • Not to record or take photos of anything without the instructor’s consent.

    • Not to post any non-class materials in the chat message

    • Not to post any non-class videos during the class

    • Not to share any class materials to people who are not in the class, other than parents/guardians.


  • Instructors may need to record a class for teaching purposes. These recordings will not be shared beyond the class. If you would rather that your child not take part in these recordings, please let us know.

  • Instructors may request to take a photograph of the class for promotional purposes. No names will be associated with these photos. If you would rather your child not take part,please let us know.


Setting Up Your Home Studio

  • Students are being asked, if possible, to use the same indoor room each week. The ideal room should have a table and chair in it, with some empty space behind the chair. During the first week(s) students will learn how best to position the camera for the device they are using. 

  • Your computer/tablet/phone should be on a raised, flat surface so that we can see the student’s eyes looking directly at us. If you can have your set up close to your router, that is ideal! 

  • Avoid setting up devices on beds. Try to maintain a “professional” approach to your home studio. 

  • Check the background: It is wonderful if our view of your home “studio” is as neutral as possible. I know that this might not work. But if you can work with your child to look at the background of the space and design it for simplicity, that would be great. Again, this is so that we focus on them, and not on the background. Also, it’s great when a light source can be behind the device, not behind the student. 

  • If possible, please close down any other programs on your device that might use bandwidth. Also, please close notifications that might go “ping”. 

  • Check the sound levels on both Zoom and, more importantly, your device. Turn the volume up as loud as possible so that we can hear them clearly. 

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