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Read the latest message from the Chief Examiner regarding the challenges and changes for Trinity College during the pandemic.  Check our site for more information on Trinity Drama exams. New digital exams are planned for 2021.  

Ottawa Children's Theatre LIVE Online!

With the Covid-19 pandemic, we moved our courses out of the studios and online. Over the last 5 months, we’ve worked as a team to discover new and innovative ways of teaching. Our students are learning the great skills that they learned in the classroom. They are developing self-confidence, compassion and respect, building their language and physical skills, learning how to take responsibility and learning how to be part of the ensemble. We may be online, but we are still a caring and empathetic community.

While we'd love to be together in the same space again, we don’t think that it is prudent to run classes on site. We’re not sure we could run effective, socially distanced drama classes. We’re not convinced that we could ensure the safety of our students, parents and instructors. We also think that parents may want to limit the exposure of their children. Being at school with your community is one level of risk. Coming to an extra-curricular class with children from a large geographical area is another.


So while we desperately miss our energetic fun-filled studios, we will continue to offer the best in drama education, online. Teaching online gives us a chance to offer courses that would be impossible to offer on site. This fall, we have teachers from New York, Toronto and Ottawa. And our students are coming to us from all over the world. We are now only a time zone away from any child who wants a fabulous drama and acting experience.

We’re bursting with energy and enthusiasm and we can’t wait to share our fall line-up with you. Thank you for sharing the journey with us.



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