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January 8/9 - March 5/6

"12", a 100 Watt Production 2020
Photo by: Brigitte Pellerin


Fall 2021: September 25/26 - December 4/5

Winter 2022: January 8/9 - March 5/6

Spring 2022: March 26/27 - June 11/12

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Winter 2022 Program Update


As you may be aware, we rent our facilities at Carleton Dominion Chalmers Centre from Carleton University. Unfortunately, due to the concerns about the Omicron variant Carleton has put restrictions on any indoor gatherings until the first week of February.


This means that our classes will be conducted online until February 5/6. While none of us would have chosen this, all of us at OCT are very enthusiastic about our winter semester.


If you haven’t done online classes with us before, you will be amazed at what we can do! Our classes are not at all like online schooling — they are small, personal, active and involving. Our instructors are some of the most creative people around and are able to engage and excite students to the point at which the virtual screen disappears.


Please note that if you have not yet registered for the class, no new students will be accepted after classes start in January. In other words, you will not be able to “opt in” when we are able to return to in-person classes the first week of February.


All classes take place at the times listed on the website. The difference is only that you will be online and not having to negotiate a snowstorm in January!


If your child was involved last semester, they will love seeing old friends and familiar faces. If your child is thinking of joining up for the first time, they will really appreciate the warmth and empathy of their classmates and instructor.


We know when we get back into the space, there will be a seamless transition between being online and being in-person. I know that we can give your child new skills, fun, laughter and the best drama experience possible this winter.