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Fall is Zooming

As I write this, we are heading into the last few weeks of our fall classes, wondering where the time has gone. Due to “the circumstances”, we ran a shorter semester this fall –– normally our sessions are 10-weeks long, but this year we are doing 8-week sessions. The shorter length was to accommodate the confusion of the start of the school year (remember those heady days in early September?). It really does feel like it has Zoomed by.

I hear great things from all of the instructors about their classes. The feeling is so different from the classes we taught last spring, when we thought this was still a temporary measure. All of us are more confident with the medium, as are our students, and we are having a chance to play more. I’m delighted by the connections my students are making with each other. It amazes me how we can bond as a group. We are in a space together. The walls between our Zoom boxes are disappearing.

Last weekend was Hallowe’en, and many of the students in my class came in costume. We did scenes with their characters, resulting in some beautiful and memorable moments between an elephant and a figure skater, a cat and a rapper, an owl and a policewoman and other unique combinations. It was delightful, silly and joyous.

We may be online, but we are still connected. We can’t wait to invite you in to see the process. We’ll send you information about the open houses soon!

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