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Thoughts on Being Thankful

Classes at The Ottawa Children’s Theatre started up last weekend, and while I definitely miss our beautiful studios at Carleton Dominion Chalmers (check the article about OCT at CDCC), I am loving seeing so many children and young people in our virtual classes. I’ve discovered that online drama has different rules from online schooling. I keep reminding students to keep their microphones ON, instead of muted. I WANT to hear their voices and make some noise! I WANT their unique contributions. I WANT them up on their feet, bursting with energy. I’ve been searching out new materials that will work well in this format. I’m working on ways of adapting important drama games and exercises. It’s amazing how well mime and “Pass the Face” work on Zoom! I’m also discovering ways of teaching drama skills that I wouldn’t do in a studio. Small movements become magnified on camera and these create moments of truth and honesty that do my heart good.

Someone said to me recently that the most important thing about the pandemic is what you can learn about yourself. That’s certainly my case. It’s a rich time. Working with my wonderful drama students helps me to reflect and articulate what I am discovering about myself. I hope the classes do that for my students as well. As I look forward to a Thanksgiving like no other, I am grateful to be in such a caring and supportive community.

A fall view of my Lanark County woods.

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